Winter Spots for Great Photos in Whistler

Winter hikes in Whistler

Are you looking for a true-to-life Winter Wonderland? Whistler is the place to be, offering a plethora of Insta-worthy spots!

Want a genuinely unique pose that your friends will be envious of? Go on top of Whistler Mountain and in Whistler Olympic Plaza in the Village where the Olympic Rings were left behind from the 2010 Winter Games and strike a triumphant pose with the Olympic Rings as the backdrop!

The Inuksuit, native symbols signifying safety, hope, and friendship and are used to identify significant landmarks and watering holes, also provide meaning and depth when captured in stills. Best viewed at night when hues of blue, green, and purple light it from below, the Village Gate Welcome Inukshuk is a breathtaking sight - this landmark was constructed for the 2010 Olympics.

Another relic of the 2010 Olympics is the Whistler Mountain Inukshuk. It overlooks Whistler valley, Black Tusk peak, and the Whistler summit. The stacked stones, which resemble a human form, have been transformed into a symbol of hope and friendship that transcends borders to reach people worldwide.

Another of Whistler's most iconic structures is a picturesque covered bridge. It is located in the river valley between Whistler Town Centre and the Upper Village (located at Blackcomb Mountain). The covered bridge crosses Fitzsimmons Creek, a beautiful waterway that flows from the mountains. The creek’s unique turquoise color is the result of glacial till - tiny particles of suspended rock produced when massive glaciers grind the earth's surface. It’s just about a 10-minute walk along the Fitzsimmons Trail to the bridge from the Upper Village.

The trail continues to Lost Lake Park, another area for spectacular pictures. Winter times will have the area around the lake perfect for cross country/snowshoeing, so gear up and get ready for an action-filled day!

A part of Whistler's historical and cultural identity, the Train Wreck site is a popular attraction and is located near the Cheakamus River just south of Whistler. The short hiking trail follows the Sea to Sky Trail and crosses a suspension bridge, offering scenic views of the Cheakamus River.  Enjoy the view of the rushing water in the canyon below as you cross the bridge, which was built in the summer of 2016 and will lead you to the site of colourfully painted box cars, which have sat in the forest since the train derailed in 1956. Two more boxcars can be found further south or downstream. It’s a beautiful and serene hike to the site.

Brandywine Falls is spectacular for Insta-worthy shots during winter times. The gate to Brandywine Falls Provincial Park is closed in winter, but you can park in front of the gate and climb the snow-mound to enter the park. The frozen falls takes on an aquamarine tint and the spectacular 70-metre waterfall is best seen from the viewpoint, which also presents some marvelous views of Daisy Lake and the surrounding mountains. Icicles hanging from rocks next to the Brandywine Falls offer other wonders for nature-lovers.

Whistler Village takes on a sparkling glow during winter, all lit up with twinkling lights and festive decorations. Nearly 300 trees throughout the Village are lit in various colors, and more than 150 wreaths adorn lampposts. From the unmatched alpine terrain to the endless options of the Village, its diverse offering of rugged West Coast beauty, passionate community, and refined experiences make every visit unique.

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All of our Whistler properties come equipped with stable wireless internet, making it a breeze to post those amazing pictures! Tag them so others can check out your posts from the mountains and be endlessly wowed by your glorious shots!

Photo by "A City Girl Outside"